Community Engagement
Deborah Bone
(804) 642-9160
9306 Guinea Rd, Hayes, VA 23072
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What is Community Engagement?
Community Engagement is a belief that learning is a lifelong process, that citizens have a right and a responsibility to be involved in decisions that affect their communities, that school facilities should be used as a learning center for all community members, that interagency cooperation and coordination avoids costly duplication of services, and that everyone should be involved in the education of the entire community.
The Gloucester Department of Community Engagement provides a variety of programs and services to meet the needs of the community and schools. Listed below are some of the many services your Community Engagement Coordinator provides:
  •     Oversees the school’s volunteer programs
  •     Publishes the school's newsletter
  •     Coordinates media coverage for special events
  •     Facilitates the use of community resources through classroom speakers, outreaches and study trips
  •     Provides enrichment and enhancement opportunities for students
  •     Attends community involvement meetings
  •     Coordinates and/or assists with major school events
  •     Serves a s a liaison on the PTO Executive Board
  •     Assist with emergency and hurricane information
  •     Coordinates, schedules, and supervises use of school building on.  Tuesdays & Thursdays evenings for community use
Volunteering Opportunities
Who Can VOLUNTEER?  - Parents, grandparents, family members, retirees, business and professional people,  collage, high and middle school students.  We require all  volunteers to  have a criminal background check.

Classroom Assistant:  work with the teacher performing a variety of tasks such as copying material, assisting students with projects, helping hang art work or papers, helping with the bulletin boards, and performing other classroom tasks.

Art Assistant:  work with the art teacher to set out materials for each class, assist with clean-up after class, display art work and assist children when needed.

Library Assistant: assist librarian with shelving books, helping repair/cover books, and special projects.

Special Events:  events that occur once or twice a year that require volunteer assistance such as: carnival, field day, career day, movie nights, health screenings, silent auction, book fairs, etc.

After-School Enrichment:  teach (or assist with) a class for students outside of the school curriculum that will allow them to experience subjects which they would not ordinarily encounter during the course of a school day.  Enrichments could include, for example, clubs that run the entire year, a 4 part class, or a onetime workshop.  You decide how much time you want to put into it, what grade level you want to target, and the topic and we can put together a program!  Enrichments offered in the past include: cooking, bird watching, stamping & card making, craft, drama, foreign language, etc.

Lunch Buddy: have lunch once a week with a student, act as a role model by working with the student on subject matter, homework, a special project, or modeling social skills by providing a positive role model for the student.

PTO: Between the special events they sponsor the PTO is always looking for volunteers!  They also sponsor Celebrate Five, Movie Nights, Carnival, Silent Auction, Fundraisers, and Cultural Events.  Joining the PTO is  a great way to be actively involved in your child’s school.  Many of the things we do at Achilles is because of PTO funding!

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